Timothy Hackworth Family Archives

Joan Hackworth Weir
Great Great Grand daughter of Timothy Hackworth

Joan Hackworth Weir was the maternal grandmother of my lads and the great great ganddaughter of  celebrated Railway Engineer Timothy Hackworth. Joan passed away in 2007 in her 80's but left a case in her loft full of Timothy Hackworth material, letters, press cuttings, brochures and more. Until 2005, the case contained two historic letters from one from George and Robert Stephenson to Timothy Hackworth that purport to prove Timothy had the 'blast pipe' on the Royal George before Stephenson added one to the later Rocket, Joan donated these letters to Locomotion at Shildon. Copies of them are on this site along with a trove of other archive material.


John Wesley Hackworth was Timothy Hackworth's son and an engineer and inventor himself. He was also Joan Hackworth Weir's great grand father. This site is a work in progress, and, sourced largely from Joan's archives, tells John's history. John grew up assisting his father when Timothy was Superintendent of the Stockton and Darlington Railway, finally developing his own factory in Darlington. There is not much information on the internet and so this site will be an important source.

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