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Coming soon - New Ebook -
ELECTRA'S BOUDOIR Selected Lyrics by Trev Teasdel 1966 - 2015
Work in progress, containing between 100 - 200 poetic lyrics and song stories, including one originally set to music by Pete Waterman in 1970. Some of the songs have been used by various Coventry bands or played solo by Trev or featured on his Gnome album Songs From the Coventry Underground 2007

"Songs from the Coventry Underground - Is a collection of the earlier songs from poet and performer Trev Teasdel.  It is very apt that he should feature at the very beginning of our Retro-Cov platform.
 This is the guy that played an important role in the development of  Coventry's musical conciousness. He kept an alternative voice alive with the production of Hobo magazine that continued the trail from where the fading footprints of the Gnome could still be identified. Taking over the booking of live bands at the Arts Umbrella, he continued the policy that allowed many of the new local bands an airing as well as bringing in some excellent but not often seen names from outside of the City.

The album contained 17 songs written by Trev in the 70's and 80's and recorded on cassette or portastudio and digitally remixed. Some are solo and others with his band. The album was released on Amazon USA and ITunes Europe on CD and as a download. The songs can now be heard on this site with the lyrics attached. Some more work to be done on the site as yet though.

Trev's Songs
Was an early song site on Vox blogs c 2007 but in need of revision as Vox closed and it needs some work on it. Most of the links no longer work. A new Trev Songs hub is being developed for these site.

Trev's Songs on Vimeo
More to be added soon.

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